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Rising Generals: Art and Design Details Revealed

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Today InnoGames released additional information on the art and graphics of its upcoming cross-platform strategy MMO Rising Generals. The game which is developed for browser, iOS and Android with Adobe Air, aims at creating a unique visual impression. A clear, moderately colorful look supports the handling of the user interface and underlines the player’s fantastic arsenal: Rising Generals features numerous laser-spouting, over-the top military vehicles – without delving into mobile game clichés of cartoonish simplicity. InnoGames released a new video elaborating on the design process.

“We wanted to create a warfare setting with a modern, slight sci-fi touch, something that doesn’t take itself too seriously. This is why we looked at classic action games and exaggerated eighties movies.” says Torsten Gunst, Lead Artist for Rising Generals. “That’s why our vehicle concepts are based on real cold-war technologies, but they also contain futuristic weaponry like plasma cannons and all kinds of crazy hardware.” Gunst adds. While creating a setting in which players revel in creating explosive mayhem, visual clarity was crucial to the game’s vision: “Character’s and vehicles should convey their skills and specialties the moment you look at them – especially on mobile devices, it was our main goal for players not to get lost and immediately feel in charge of their actions.”

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