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Requiem offers new browser celebration events

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Gravity Interactive has launched new events to celebrate the browser version of Requiem.

All players (web client or full client) will earn a 40% experience bonus when logged in, which will stack with all premium items. Players can also earn up to three chances to win a $100 gift card. Players can also go collecting pieces of the Nightmare Accessory Sets in Nightmare Crescent, and by collecting two to eight of these components, they will be entered to win in another raffle with gaming gear, WarpPoints, and in-game items as prizes.

A GM Hide and Seek event will reward 500 WP and 5 Gift Boxes to players who take a screenshot of a GM and post it on the Requiem Facebook Page. Finally, a new 4v4 Battlefield Tournament (for characters above level 69) will take place.

Gravity Interactive also publishes Ragnarok Online and Dragon Saga.



EXP Bonuses, PVP Sweepstakes, And Much More!

Marina del Rey, California – May 07, 2012 – Gravity Interactive, a publisher of exciting massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), today launch two simultaneous contests for the browser version of their popular dark-fantasy MMO title, Requiem, which players can now enjoy right in their web browsers courtesy of the Kalydo service ( Players both new and old have the opportunity to win some of the sweetest prizes yet on the official website at

Whether beginning a new character or already an established player, Gravity has a treat in store for you. All users will be treated to a 40% EXP bonus when logged in using the web client or the full client. This bonus stacks will all premium items including pets and scrolls for the biggest boon found in Requiem yet! Use this time to build your character, preparing for the PVP sweepstakes. Win up to three entries into a drawing for a $100 Amazon.con gift certificate.

One does not simply retire from Requiem. All inactive characters will be welcomed back with open arms, and their own competition. Go hunting for loot in Nightmare Crescent to gather the ingredients for crafting new Nightmare Accessory Sets. Collect from two to eight of these coveted components for a chance to win prizes including gaming gear, WP (WarpPoints), and other in-game items!

All players should keep their eyes peeled for GMs during the Hide and Seek event. Snap a screenshot beside any of the GMs, post it on the Requiem Facebook page at, to win 500 WP and 5 Gift Boxes. Then join with three allies for the 4 vs. 4 Battlefield Tournament, open to all characters level 69 and above.

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