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Requiem Celebrates 4th Anniversary

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Gravity Interactive is celebrating the fourth anniversary of Requiem.

The anniversary offers a series of events for players. Collect anniversary coins to exchange for in-game items, or Event Flags for a Limited Coin worth 10,000,000 Lant. A seven day mount is also available for players who turn in 200 Event Flags at the end of the period, and five players from each server will get a free 30-day exclusive pet.

The event also launches a patch that updates skills forĀ  all job classes, and players can purchase Job Change Certificates for 4,500 Lant during the Anniversary Event.

Gravity Interactive also publishes Dragon Saga and CrimeCraft.

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Felix Sit Natalis Dies Requiem! Gravity Interactive, a publisher of exciting massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), today announced its anniversary event for Requiem: Memento Mori, the popular dark-fantasy MMO title. To celebrate the game’s four years in service, the in-game merriment kicks off with a variety of cool events including exclusive prizes and a lengthy list of skill updates. To join the celebration and take a shot at winning cool prizes, players can visit

Starting today, all monsters will drop several event items including anniversary coins which can be sold for in-game items and Event Flags which can be turned in to an event NPC for a chance to receive a Limited Coin worth 10,000,000 Lant! A never-before-released seven day mount will be awarded to all players who turn in 200 Event Flags by the end of the event period, and of the qualified players, five from each server will also receive a free 30 day exclusive never-before-released pet!

“We want to thank our Requiem community for four fabulous years by throwing this prize-filled anniversary celebration event,” said Jay Choi, Chief Operation Officer at Gravity Interactive. “We also want to invite new players to come and check out Requiem as this is a great time to get in the game and earn never-before-seen items.”

With the Anniversary Event, comes a lengthy list of updates to skills for each job class. Players are invited to check out the changes and join in the discussion. To help players adjust to the latest changes, there will be NPC Job Change Specialists available in each town selling Job Change Certificates for 4,500 Lant during the entire Anniversary Event!

For more information on all of the anniversary events visit And for a complete calendar of the event schedule players can go to

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