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Redwater Hills: New Post-Apocalyptic Zombie-Slaying MMO Available

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Redwater Hills

The Undead have risen to stalk the world, and publisher of free-to-play games GameSpree unveils its brand new Post-Apocalyptic strategy MMO “Redwater Hills”.

By 2030, humanity had embraced technological implants and cyber-enhancements as a natural step of its evolution. Strength-servos, memory-disks, translators and sight-enhancing cyber-eyes are commonplace; humans have transformed themselves thanks to a new wave of technology.

But all this came at a huge price! Redwater Hills takes place 3 years after ‘Zombification Day’, a technological disaster in 2031. A cataclysmic computer-virus reprograms most humans into shambling corpses driven by some inhuman hatred.

Only small groups of Survivors remain, each one with a colorful and interesting backstory to explain how they avoided the ‘Fall’. Your task is to establish a safe-enclave and recruit these crazy characters. Build a base of scavenged materials and manage your Survivors whilst fending off the shambling hordes and rival players!

Redwater Hills is unique in its approach to troop-management. Recruit from a large variety of unique Survivors, each with their own fighting-style and weaponry. Assign roles and juggle the risk of sending out a strong-raiding party at the expense of a weakly-defended base. Raiding and attacking brings more than resource rewards…find materials that can be crafted into dozens of weapons or armor to improve your Survivors effectiveness in battle.

Redwater Hills is a dangerous and dynamic world. Action takes place on a large world map where players can raid rival camps and colonize and defend abandoned farms and factories to provide a boost to their resource production. Every few days a new Round begins and the strongest players pack up Camp and move slightly closer to the safe-haven ‘Redwater Hills’, ensuring competition remains intense and fair as players are grouped by their Power score.

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