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Ragnarok Online releases Skill Balance update

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The second in a series of winter updates, Ragnarok is releasing its Skill Balance update today.

The update makes an effort to rebalance almost every high-level skill in the game, improving synergy between classes and making enemies more challenging to defeat. The Kafra shop is also moving to a special button in the user interface, making it always accessible for players.

Special Event Guild Wars will be scheduled throughout December, and for two weeks, new players will get special boosts to help them make their way to level 70.

Ragnarok Online is published by Gravity Interactive, which also publishes ROSE Online and Requiem.

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Rune Midgard Breathlessly awaits the gods’ decree for balance in the world.

MARINA DEL REY, Calif. (December 13th, 2011) –This week, Ragnarok Online launches the second major game update in the “Season of Updates”; the highly anticipated Skill Balance update.  The massive Skill update not only rebalances nearly every high level skill in the game for better synergy between classes but also updates all the foes in the game to be a more even challenge for their reward.

As an extra bonus in this update, the Kafra shop is moving to an always accessible button in-game.  This will insure that adventurer’s on the go are never caught unprepared!

Skill Balance update is set to take launch Today, December 13th, after which Special Event WoEs (Guild Wars) will be scheduled through December to offer quirky and fun challenges for all; and a 2 week event for new players to ease their way to level 70 through December 27th!

This is the perfect time to start your Ragnarok Adventure as well as the perfect time to return for the Holidays!   The next update in the Season of updates is the massive Expansion episode update 14.1 Bifrost. As always these updates and playing is Free to all of the loyal players!

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