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R2Games to Launch Open Beta for Dragon Pals

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Reality Squared Games (R2Games) will be launching its open beta test on 9:00 pm 3rd May (GMT+8) for Dragon Pals. The title is a multi-faceted, adventure based massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

Dragon Pals combines multiple game genres and various manners of gameplay to create a uniquely styled MMORPG. Players journey through a vibrant world full of stirring quests, wicked monsters, and intriguing events. It features a charming graphic style as well as straight forward gameplay which increases in complexity the further the player continues in game. Dragon Pals is completely browser based, requires no download, and is free to play. The game is being published by R2Games, and was developed by Eyugan.

The story begins in a world which was once guarded by dragons. However, as evil took over the land, the dragons were forced to seal themselves into bronze eggs to keep their powers from being used against them. It’s up to the player to reawaken the dragons and bring peace to the world once again.

The game features three unique classes, each with its own set of skills and abilities. Warriors are built to withstand great damage, while wielding powerful attacks. Mages are masters of the elements, and use magic to outwit their foes. Archers are tactical warriors and prefer to annihilate their enemies from afar.

Dragon Pals has a number of popular features players will be able to relate with, as well as several new mechanics. Such as the Treasure Hunt, this system will allow parties to search through a treasure map in the hopes of finding as much treasure as possible. Dragon Pals also features a unique Wishing Well which allows players to toss in a certain amount of currency with a chance to receive large amounts of various game currencies in return.

The game also features a highly customizable Dragon Pet system in which players may train, raise, and customize their dragons for a devastatingly powerful result. In addition to your skills and stats, Dragon Pals features an intriguing Dragon Orb system in which players may collect and synthesize Dragon Orbs into thousands of powerful combinations to give their characters the unique edge they deserve.

Other elements include a Farm, used to pray to the Harvest Goddess for blessings as well as grow crops that yield EXP and Amethyst; a tower ascension system which allows players to test their strength and gain valuable rewards; and a multitude of daily events and activities which will keep players entertained for hours on end.

R2Games’ platform provides a place for gamers to come and play the best free-to-play browser games. Dragon Pals has been highly successful in China, and has already amassed nearly 5 million players. The English language open beta launches on 3rd May, at which point players can sign up at

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