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Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Debuts Waker Class

PSO2 NGS Waker Class

via press release

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis, the free-to-play action RPG game, has released the newest playable class, Waker, a class that uses the Harmonizer to summon Familiars. SEGA recently revealed this highly anticipated class last month at ARKS EXPO 2022, the biggest gathering of Phantasy Star fans held in Tokyo.

Waker has three Photon Life Forms, called Familiars, that support them in combat: Fredran, Wulfen, and Marmelo. Unlike pets, Familiars do not need to be fed or raised. Players can use the Harmonizer to easily interchange their fighting style from ranged attack, short-range combat, and defense. Both Fredran and Wulfen can be summoned with Photon Arts. While Fredran specializes in long-range attacks, Wulfen prefers to get up close and personal. Marmelo can be summoned with Weapon Actions and can defend against enemy attacks as well as dish out powerful counterattacks.

The Harmonizer has its own gauge system called the Harmonizer Focus. Each familiar has a different Harmonizer Focus Gauge which fills up when attacking or defending against enemies. By consuming Fredran and Wulfen’s Focus Gauge, the two can combine forces to unleash their powerful special move, Familiar Harmony.

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