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PAX Prime 2013 Day 1 Recap Part 2: Everquest Next, WildStar, Marvel Heroes, and More Cosplay!

Cosplay Round Up Part 2

AhriDragCosplay PAX Prime 2013

It’s a Trap!

GuildWars2Cosplay PAX Prime 2013 JannaCosplay PAX Prime 2013 JokerHarleyCosplay PAX Prime 2013 MegaManCosplay PAX Prime 2013 StarWarsCosplay PAX Prime 2013 TomRaiderCosplay PAX Prime 2013

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PAX Prime is always full of surprises. Surprise games rise from nowhere. Surprise esports tournaments spring up left and right. And there’s always that rare drunken panel of game developers that spill the beans on a secret that wasn’t supposed to be known for another eighth months.