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New Beta Developer Videolog for Heroes & Generals

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Reto-moto has released a new developer videolog for its upcoming title, Heroes & Generals.

The videolog showcases the Bradley update coming to the game’s current beta. Highlighted in the video are new weapon tweaks and balances, a showcase of the new layout of the ‘Town’ map, new player character choices and equipment and a walkthrough of the game’s weapon modification system.

To find out more about Heroes & Generals, check out our First Look video.

Heroes & Generals Beta Videolog 2: Bradley


New ‘Bradley’ Developer Videolog from Heroes & Generals

Heroes & Generals – Beta Videolog 2: Bradley showing weapon tweaks, new ‘Town’ Map layout and a walkthrough of Weapon Modifications.

This videolog shows some of the features of the new ‘Bradley’ update for Reto-Moto’s upcoming Massive Online Strategic Shooter: Heroes & Generals. The game is currently in Beta-stage, so bear in mind that the graphics and sound shown here is still not final.

The features highlighted in this Videolog are:

  • Weapon tweaks
  • Walkthrough of Weapon Modifications
  • New ‘Town’ Map Layout
  • Support the development: Buy Warbonds!

We encourage all gamers to sign up for a Beta-key at and help us make the game YOU want to play!

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