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MU Online hosts a World Cup Event

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MU Online

It’s time to enjoy the World Soccer Championship in Brazil! Webzen truly hopes that all Mutizens can join and enjoy this event. From June 17 to July 14, players are encouraged to check their attendance by getting a stamp each day for 28 days. To encourage gamers to participate in this event, MU ONLINE is offering players special attendance rewards, including Wings of Angel and Devil, Skeleton Pet, Great Heavenly Mage Ring, Panda Pet, Skeleton Ring, Gold Channel Ticket, Talisman of Ascension, Bless of Light.

In addition, MU ONLINE players will be able make a prediction on the winner of the World Soccer Championship by selecting a nation flag on the first day of the attendance event. Participants who correctly guess the winner of the World Soccer Championship will be able to receive additional rewards such as Seal of Ascension, Master Seal of Ascension, Bless of Light, Seal of Wealth, Master Seal of Wealth, and Elite Healing Potion. The more stamps you collect, the more gifts you get!

If you would like to change the nation you had selected, you can do so by using 7 stamps on the 14th attendance day. You will still receive beneficial items as long as you continue to support the newly selected nation. To check attendance, go to:

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