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Lords of the Black Sun Radiates with Huge New Update

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Black Sun SpaceLords

Publisher Iceberg Interactive announced today that developer Arkavi Studio’s turn-based 4X strategy game Lords of The Black Sun (PC) will receive its first major update today, having launched two months ago. While Arkavi Studios has regularly pushed smaller patches and improvements through the Steam pipeline since launch, this latest update is a lot larger and includes the following highlights:

  • Story event races now start with 4 planets instead of 1
  • It’s now harder to have the AI accept long term payment deals. Additionally it also takes its current debt into account when making a decision.
  • Added new Background music track
  • Added Space Key to skip cinematic intro
  • Made the AI use diplomacy more actively
  • Rebalanced the tech research time of several technologies in all branches
  • Added Plasma Weapon Z-IV technology and ship part
  • Fixed “can’t establish trade routes with empire X” due to embargo or war message popping up when trying to move a ship to one of your planets

To see the full list of all changes and updates to date, please click here.

Lords of the Black Sun also is available at a discount of 25% off this week on Steam!

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