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Heroes of Might and Magic Online begins open beta June 11th – in Asia only

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Heroes of Might and Magic Online, the MMO continuation of the popular PC strategy title, will be entering its open beta phase of testing on June 11th.

However, the test will be restricted to IPs within the Asian region due to an legal agreement with Ubisoft. Even closed beta players from the West will not be able to play the game. This means that Western players will have to continue to wait to try out the game, despite its English localization efforts.

With this change, it’s uncertain what will happen to the western localized version of HOMM – whether it will finish and be only launched in Asia until it can come to the west, or whether TQ Digital will eventually scrap the project due to the Asian market already having HOMM Online available to them.


Since it was first launched on May 7th, Heroes of Might and Magic Online (HoMM Online) has received thousands of players for its Closed Beta test, and countless visitors to the official site. In the Closed Beta version, we have taken players’ help and their precious feedback,¬†as well as¬†identified and resolved many bugs and other gameplay issues. We are proud to announce that up until now, the major game-breaking issues have been minimized, and the gameplay has been adjusted to a more balanced and interactive feel, according to your opinions. Within one month, we will have refined the game into a whole new kind of HoMM experience! Thank you again for your patient testing and precious suggestions!

It’s through this cooperation with the community, that we are here to announce that we will launch the Open Beta at 9:00 am (HKT) on June 11th, in the Asian region. Based on the agreement with Ubisoft, this game will have an IP limitation, which means all connections from outside Asia will be restricted.

If you are currently in the Closed Beta, you will automatically be granted access to the Open Beta. Simply continue to patch your client, and you’ll be ready to play! If you are a newcomer, please download the Open Beta Client and create an account to play. You will all be welcomed by many gifts, not to mention fantastic events, when the Open Beta is underway with no more character wiped!

Thank you for your support! Please wait for the Open Beta date, and experience this fantastic world of might and magic!

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