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Grand Chase announces new character

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Grand Chase announced its latest major update today, including a new Hero Dungeon and a new character.

The new Hero Dungeon, called The Crucible, features the boss Hellstrom, and is available in-game today.

Zero will be the newest character, arriving on pre-sale on March 1st with an official release on March 8th. Zero’s playing style uses two different fighting stances, defensive and offensive. His weapon is a giant sword.

Grand Chase is published by SG Interactive (Ntreev), which publishes Project Blackout, Pangya, and Trickster Online.

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New Grand Chase Character and Hero Dungeon Revealed
IRVINE, Calif. – Feb. 25, 2010

SG Interactive today unveiled details of the next planned Grand Chase update, which includes a hotly anticipated new character and a fiery new Hero Dungeon. The new character, Zero, offers a new playing style with two distinct fighting stances that offer different benefits, one a defensive stance and the other an offensive stance that utilizes a giant, living sword. The new Hero Dungeon is called The Crucible and will challenge players to make it through a hellish furnace and defeat the new boss Hellstrom. Zero will be released March 8 and will be available for presale, with special bonus items, on March 1. The Crucible Hero Dungeon is available in-game now.
For more information about Grand Chase and Zero please visit the official website at

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