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Forge of Empires’ New Bonus Content Tougher Than Ever

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InnoGames just released a content update for its popular strategy browser game Forge of Empires. The update contains two new bonus areas in the game’s latest age, the Industrial Era.  The new bonus areas are the toughest yet in Forge of Empires, being very hard to defeat by everyone but the most adept strategists. Conquering these areas will not only provide valuable loot, but also some unique goodies as a reward.

The bonus areas see players fighting against two main villains: the infamous bandit El Hacha Gonzalez, up to stir unrest with his band of outlaws, and Comte Barthelemy Philipeaux, a French general who turns out to be a bit mentally unstable. Adding to the challenge is the introduction of a new unit type. Brave Warriors and Mounted Braves feature the unique skill “Last Stand”. This allows them to become stronger and more resilient the more units of their army have been defeated.

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