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Forge of Empires Adds Great Buildings

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InnoGames has launched a new multiplayer feature for Forge of Empires, granting Great Buildings to civilizations.  These buildings, when constructed, will provide permanent bonuses to players, and can be leveled up further using Forge Points.  Each Great Building requires the assistances of others, putting a greater emphasis on the social aspect of the game.

Along those lines, players who help their friends with their Great Buildings will also receive additional rewards, and help increase the productivity of the building.  Two buildings are available in each age, including the Tower of Babel, the Frauenkirche of Dresden, and St. Mark’s Basilica.

In addition to the Great Buildings update, the game has also officially launched a Mexican and Argentinian version today, furthering the market for the popular browser based game.

InnoGames also publishes Grepolis and Tribal Wars.

Forge of Empires “Great Buildings” Screenshots

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