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For the King Triples Kickstarter Goal

With less than a week to go, IronOak Games announced today that the Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming roguelike RPG, For The King has nearly tripled its goal of $30,000. In fact, the game was fully funded by day two, selling out of top reward tiers and unleashing all sorts of stretchy speculation on the Kickstarter comment section.

The game was also greenlit on Steam in that same week.

The For The King campaign has now raised over $87,500, and IronOak has been quick to thank backers with several stretch goals including a chilly new realm, furry companions, special character skins and musical instruments for playable characters. Future stretch goals offer more additional realms, enemies, equipment and more.

“When AAA developers venture out into indie territory, the whole industry wins. For The King is a great example of a game that wouldn’t get made in a traditional publisher setting,” said Gordon Moran, Art Director for IronOak Games. “Pushing genre boundaries, like adding multiplayer co-op to a roguelike, takes the freedom and passion only found in independent development. Support from nearly 3,000 fans on Kickstarter is a good indicator that we’re making the right moves.”

Featuring modern low-poly visuals, turn-based combat and persistent choices, For The King aims to deliver the legendary adventures of traditional RPGs all in one single play session. Heroes will need to survive cunning creatures, wicked weather and brutal dungeons as they solve the mysterious death of the king to bring order to the land.

It’s not too late to back For the King to secure your sweet rewards. Check them out on Kickstarter today!

IronOak For The King Infographic

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