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Firefall Launches New Battleframe

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Red 5 Studios announced today that Firefall’s new Arsenal Battleframe has launched as part of the in-game “Omnicon” event, running Aug. 27-31. During Omnicon, players will be able to pilot Firefall’s newest Battleframe for free while participating in unique daily missions with special rewards.

The Omnidyne-M Arsenal is a versatile Battleframe that trades heavy defensive plating for swappable primary weapons. Pilots are equipped with a long-range Particle Beam for picking off enemies, a Light Machine Gun (LMG) for mid-range control and a powerful Combat Shotgun for close encounters. In addition, the Arsenal features unique abilities such as an explosive Rocket Jump for blasting out of danger, a passive EMP Pulse that drains surrounding enemies and mounted Shoulder Rockets for a heavy hitting HKM.

Omnicon will run Aug. 27-31 and features special daily missions, rewards and activities:

–  Arsenal Battleframe Field Testing: Pilot the Arsenal for free while gaining double XP and permanent Battleframe progression. Purchase the Arsenal for a limited-time 25% Red Bean discount.

–  Arsenal Missions: Take the Arsenal through special daily missions that showcase its firepower and maneuverability to gather Omnidyne-M Tokens that can be exchanged for a new title, decal and warpaint.

–  Holmgang Open World Free-for-All: Enter the Holmgang open world free-for-all zone in Sunken Harbor for heated PvP action.

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