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Elf Online Shuts Down

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This may be the first time many of you have heard of this particular free to play 2D turn-based MMORPG, but Elf Online seems like its down for good. No formal announcement has been made, and the official website is still live. So why the prognosis? Firstly, the latest news update is dated 2008. The official forum leads to a dead page, and we haven’t been able to log in after repeated attempts.

New players haven’t been able to register on the site for some time, and the game is still labeled as being in ‘open beta’ even after 2 years. Elf Online was very similar to a host of other 2D turn based MMORPGs like Myth War 2 Online, and Fairyland Online. Looks like this one just didn’t catch on.

HappyMMO, the publishers behind the game, should of made a formal announcement concerning the state of the game months ago. The admittedly small playerbase must of been confused and frustrated with the lack of transparency involved.

Have you played Elf Online? Heck, have you even heard of it? If so, leave a comment sharing your thoughts below.

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