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Dungeons 2 Limited Special Edition Announced

Dungeons 2 Limited Special Edition Announced Post Header

The Dawn of Terror is nearly upon us. Prepare for the coming of The Ultimate Evil by dedicating yourself to the almighty Dungeon Lord and pre-ordering your copy of the Dungeons 2 Limited Special Edition. This edition of Dungeons 2 is automatically available to anyone who pre-orders or buys the retail boxed version of the game at launch and includes at no extra cost a terrifying Dungeons Lord poster, the Official Soundtrack CD, and the exclusive ‘Pixie Village’ DLC – where players are tasked with removing the disgusting Pixie threat from a nearby enchanted forest. The Limited Special Edition of Dungeons 2 can be pre-ordered from your preferred retailer now. You can also pre-purchase Dungeons 2 via the Kalypso Launcher here for a 15% discount and a digital download of the OST too.

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