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Divination Skill Makes its Debut in Runescape

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As the Battle of Lumbridge rages on, Jagex has unleashed Divination, RuneScape’s first new skill in over three years.

Now available to RuneScape members, Divination centres on players collecting the residual energy and memories of Guthix, the slain god of balance. Players harvest this energy to create never-before-seen consumables known as portents and signs, granting them a huge variety of boosts and benefits. Divination also allows players to transmute low-value resources into smaller amounts of high-level resources. With Divination, Jagex aims to combine a classic gathering mechanics with more modern social and dynamic gameplay.

99 levels of Divination are available for players to master, alongside a new hiscores table, and unique skillcape with a design chosen by the RuneScape community.

Divination is RuneScape’s 26th skill, is available in full to members and as a 5 level trial for free players. It is a direct companion to an unannounced production skill set to be released later this year.

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