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Digimon Battle client available for download

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Looking to get a head start in play-testing Digimon Battle? The client is now available for download on the game’s official site.

The client will also allow players to create their characters in advance. Players will have the choice of  four Tamers (Takato Matsuki, Henry Wong, Rika Nonaka, or Jeri Katou) and three Digimon partners (Gigimon, Gummymon or Viximon). Those who create their characters before beta begins will be able to receive a special Frontier Starter Kit.

The beta phase of Digimon Battle begins on March 17th.

The Original Press Release:

Prepare for Digimon Battle

March 11, 2010
Get ready to journey into the Digital World by downloading the Digimon Battle client! Starting today, players will be able to create their characters, choosing from four Tamers, Takato Matsuki, Henry Wong, Rika Nonaka, or Jeri Katou, and three Digimon partners, Gigimon, Gummymon or Viximon, as they await the official open beta launch. Players who register for the beta, download the client and create their character before March 16 will receive a special Frontier Starter Kit with powerful tools that can be used to defeat the evil Digimon. Visit to prepare for battle today!

The very first online multiplayer game based on the Digimon TV series, Digimon Battle, is coming March 17 to a PC near you from WeMade Entertainment.

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