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Darkfall Unholy Wars: New update & milestones

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Aventurine has been hard at work releasing a new update for Darkfall Unholy Wars, as well laying out a roadmap for upcoming updates. The first update, expected to be ready during the first week of the month, will focus on fixes and balance adjustments to address several issues that have arisen since the custom roles patch.

The second of the two patches, planned for later in the month, will bring a new crosshair, along with movable cast, breath and target-health bars to the game; this will be the first of two planned updates to the action-mode HUD, that will give players a far more customizable experience with those GUI elements that are most used and most visible (more on the second update below).

They also have plans to introduce several new service and “fluff” items for the in-game shop, as soon as possible.

Their plans for the future include Economy Rebalances, Siege-Engines, Quests, Inventory Management Systems, Fully Customisable Action-Mode HUD and more.

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