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Daily quests coming to Mythos

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Mythos is adding daily quests this June for all players level 15 or above.

The daily quests will be available in the major hubs, off special black Quest Boards. These boards will offer three quests that can be done on a daily basis. Quests include beating bosses, hunting down specific items, and other treasure hunting challenges. Daily quests also become more difficult the higher level the player is. Rewards from daily quests include a 60 minute double experience buff, as well as the ability to earn more money from completed quests.

Mythos is currently published by Frogster, which also publishes Runes of Magic.

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Give Us This Day Our Daily…

…Quest! Coming to MYTHOS in June.

Soon enough there will be even more reasons for level hunters in MYTHOS to get excited about dungeon crawling. Frogster is planning to make Daily Quests available to all players at level 15 or higher starting in June. In each of the most important centres in Uld, players will be able to find a special black Quest Board offering three different quests which can be repeated daily.

On their own or in groups, hack’n’slashers longing for experience points can take on the various level-appropriate challenges. Depending on their idea of a good time, players can teach nasty boss monsters the meaning of fear, shake them down to get certain items, or go on a good old-fashioned treasure hunt. Not wanting to make things too easy though, the difficulty of the Daily Quests rises as they level up ensuring players will always face a challenge!

Daily Quests are far more than just an exciting way to pass the time. Take the bonuses, for example: if a player completes all three Daily Quests on a given day, they get to enjoy a 60-minute frenzy in which they score double experience points from killing monsters as well as significantly more in-game currency for each successfully completed quest.
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