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Crossout Changes Parts System

Targem and Gaijin have announced that in Crossout update 0.3.0, the vehicle parts system will see a significant change.

Originally, vehicle parts were meant to be destructible and tradeable. However, after analyzing data and feedback, the development team has decided to make vehicle parts permanent. The durability system will disappear from the game, along with spares and the need for repairs. This will also mean a change to how new parts are obtained and a careful balance of the market.

The dev blog announcing these changes also cautions:

This update is experimental and will probably require several iterations to balance the obtaining of new parts, avoid overstocking of the marketplace, and make sure parts are still valuable trophies. Here, will continue to count on your constructive feedback and suggestions on our forums and other media!

Crossout update 0.3.0 does not entail wiping player accounts. Find out more at the link below.

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