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CrimeCraft launches update May 31st

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CrimeCraft will be launching its May update on Monday, May 31st.

The update will introduce Clubs. Clubs can be purchased by gangs at level 4, Clubs are customizable through 4 basic themes (Underground, High Tech, Classic and Modern), and will feature special NPCs like vendors and strippers, bartenders, as well as furniture. Clubs will also include a VIP room for players to get a one-on-one session with a stripper. Each visit to a club will cost an admission fee, which will go back to the gang’s coffers.

A new weekly tournament that will take place on Sunday is also being introduced, as well as a new “Capture the Zone” game mode in Delosville. Gangs will also be introduced to 5 versus 5 battles, known as “Gang Wars,” in which gangs can challenge and defend themselves.

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