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Tales Runner – Memorial Weekend Battle

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Tales Runner is hosting a special event this weekend, from May 29th (Saturday) until May 31st (Monday).

On those three days, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. PST, “HotTime Tickets” will be dropping for players. The top 50 collectors of these tickets will each get a chance to select one item from this list:

    Permanent/1 Year Santa Suits for a Character (This includes Ocean)
    Sporty Striped Scarf
    MMORPG T-Shirt
    CGE Network T-Shirt
    Opera T-Shirt
    MMOABC T-Shirt
    MMOSite T-Shirt
    Manga T-Shirt
    Gamespot T-Shirt
    Fila Logo T-Shirt
    Fileplanet T-Shirt
    OnRPG T-Shirt
    Mr. Disguise 1 Year
    Miss Disguise 1 Year
    Anti-Turkey T-Shirt (30 Days)
    Pro Turkey T-Shirt (30 Days)
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