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Craft of Gods Goes Free to Play!

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Craft of Gods, a 3D fantasy MMORPG which was once pay to play, launched a new free to play server in September, 2010. The server has been live since September 2 and allows users to register and play without paying any subscription fees. The free to play service has its restrictions though, and the company behind the game, Kalicanthus Entertainment, decided to leave the pay to play server up – so players can pick which server they want to play on. Luckily, players are free to transfer characters between the servers as they please. Even though the free to play server has some restrictions, it isn’t too restrictive. Players have full access to all of the game’s areas, 4 of the 6 crafting professions, and most of the other content.

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Like Dungeons and Dragons Online and EverQuest 2, Players do need spend a little bit of money to have full access to the game. Some of the more annoying restrictions include having to purchase teleport scrolls to access epic dungeons (cash shop), mount restrictions and item enchanment restrictions. Aside from these small restrictions, players have full access to Craft of Gods. The experience and drop rates for the free server are lower than the pay to play one. For a full list of the differences between the Pay to Play and Free to Play servers, click here.

For those who never heard of Craft of Gods – it’s a 3D fantasy MMORPG based on Slavic Mythology. The game is set in the beautiful world of Akvilon where players can participate in faction based Light vs Dark PvP. MMOHuts will review the game soon!


Dear community (GM Syrius)

In the past few months we’ve been working hard to improve the game experience for Craft of Gods. We’ve been fixing bugs, adding new features, introducing changes that would help the players immerse themselves in the game and enjoy the features and the atmosphere of the game at its maximum level. But still we wanted to push the game a step further.

In the past few months we received many different feedbacks. The most common one anyway was related to the subscription model. We’ve considered this feedback very carefully and given it much thought. We didn’t (and still don’t) want to get rid of the subscription: we still believe that the best way to enjoy the game in all its richness and depth is to pay the monthly subscription. But on the other hand we did not want to disappoint players that are still interested in playing the game, but do not want to pay a fixed monthly amount of money.

Craft of Gods is the game of Free Choices, where players can decide how they want to play, how they want to build develop their characters and what they want to do. We’ve decide to introduce one more choice for our players in order to give them even more freedom. So we’ve introduced a new server which will be available along the one that is already running.

This new server will have a new important feature: it will be Free to Play, as opposed to the current server which is Pay to Play with a monthly subscription. This means that users will be able to enter it and play for free, they will only need to register to the game.
There are of course some major differences between the two servers: while the Pay to Play server offers the complete game, with all the features and items available, the Free to Play one has got some restrictions: some items will only be purchasable through the item shop, some features (such as some of the professions) won’t be available, other features will only be available through the shop. But he core of the game won’t change at all. You can purchase the items by using the premium currency called Kun that you can buy in the Kalicanthus shop.
You can check a full list of differences in the servers difference page.

‘What if I wanted to move from one serve to another? Will I be able to do it?’ we hear you ask. The answer is: ‘yes of course’! We’ve implemented a character transfer system that will allow you to move you character from one server to the other one. You can check all the information about it in the character transfer information page.

There’s also an FAQ page that will help you find the answer to all the questions you may have. Should you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support.

We’re really excited about these changes we’re introducing in the game because we believe that Craft of Gods has got the potential to appeal to many players and we feel that this is a good way to let a lot of MMORPGs fans know about it. We hope that you can enjoy the change and the new level of freedom it provides and we’re looking forward to see you all in the battleground.

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