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Camelot Unchained to hit Alpha Testing Wednesday

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After multiple weeks of quiet grinding at code, City State Entertainment’s Mark Jacobs appeared today on their Camelot Unchained Twitch.TV channel to announce that the alpha tester faction of backers and builders would have access to the prototype game as early as Wednesday.


He went on to explain the myriad of added features, physics, and customization present in this build that was not implemented in the pre-alpha tests separating it from what he described as a working engine test to a skeleton of what Camelot Unchained’s launch state will be.

The pool of roughly 8 to 9,000 backers can look forward to upcoming hour long tests throughout the coming weeks and a few stress tests going longer to determine server capacity and stability limitations. Boons and Banes will also be present to test and tweak as the earliest forms of the game’s PvP balancing. Each of the three realms can look forward to experiencing a unique set of 10 skills amidst three archetypes, namely mage, support and melee.

Tiers are still available for purchase to get included in this early test. For the full list of features, catch the official PATs guide on their website. A youtube playlist has also been made with the full livestream available.

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