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SMITE Reveals Cthulu Skin in New Patch

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Perhaps setting the standard for strangest skin addition yet, the God of Bees, Ah Muzen Cab, will now double as Cthulu with the newest epic skin added to HiRez Studios third person MOBA, SMITE.

ahmuzencab_cthulhu_cardThis patch also sees the removal of Bastet’s new epic skin, Night Prowler, with refunds promised to those who purchased. Various QoL balance changes also impact new god, Osiris, Sobek, Artemis, Thanatos, and a few others. Bastet’s untouchable pounce has also received a noticeable nerf, making the jump back cancelled by CC during seconds 2-4 of the duration.

Catch the full patch notes here or catch them live every week on SMITE’s Twitch stream.

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