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Brave Tribe (iOS) Became Tens Times More Fun With New Update

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Brave Tribe

The free-to-play strategy game, Brave Tribe, became even more fun today with the 1.2.0 update, delivered to iOS by G5 Entertainment and Taploft. This engaging simulation was replenished with five new quest types and 73 additional quests, four new tree types, one new building, 10 resources and over 30 recipes for crafting.

Update Brave Tribe for free to get more bonuses, loads of fresh quests and increase production in the lovable Celtic village! Replenish Hibernia’s forest – plant Oak, Fir, Wood, Heart, Rune and Magic Wand trees – and harvest resources. Build wells and water plants so they grow faster. Go fishing and take care of your villagers’ bellies so they work better. Construct a workshop and craft logs, steel, chests, armor, perfumes and many other useful items to give more power to your people. And even more than that awaits you in the version 1.2.0 so download it right away!

What’s New in Version 1.2.0:

Are you ready to continue living the most comical adventure ever? See what we’ve prepared for you in this exciting update!

Get Crafty – build a workshop and craft over 30 new tools and items
73 New Quests – stay entertained for weeks with a multitude of challenges
Magic Trees – plant wand, rune, heart and wood trees to get special rewards
Improvements and Fixes – enjoy a smoother ride through the hilarity

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