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Blade Hunter Breaks New Ground With Sprites, Wings, and More

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Global game publisher Reality Squared Games (R2Games) is proud to announce that Blade Hunter, its cutting-edge free to play beat ’em up action MMORPG, has received a gigantic content update introducing all-new game systems, cosmetic options, UI improvements, quest lines, and a higher level cap. Now eight servers strong, including a brand new GMT server, the Blade Hunter Beta continues to expand to users worldwide.

Blade Hunter Sprites

Sprites become available to characters at level 39 and offer players the opportunity to bolster a variety of stats. These elemental companions come in several varieties, each with a different set of bonuses. Players receive opportunities to collect Sprites throughout the day, making it easy to assemble the perfect team. The rarest Sprites aren’t easy to find by any means, but they’re sure to play an integral role in each character’s magic Sigil. Higher-level characters can equip more Sprites, allowing even deeper build customization. A character’s favorite Sprite can be set to follow cosmetically, demonstrating luck, skill, and taste to friends and foes alike.

Blade Hunter Wings

Wings can be browsed through at level 1 and can be acquired several ways, from completing in-game challenges, crafting item recipes, and Diamond recharge bonuses. Characters with Wings receive a standard buff regardless of the design they choose, though certain rare Wings provide further bonuses. At level 80, players can begin to upgrade their Wings to personalize stat bonuses, unlock new designs, and reveal hidden abilities.

The Citadel, which unlocks via the Time Portal at level 79, presents players with the most difficult combat challenges yet, putting even Nightmare Mode to shame. Skillful and speedy Citadel players will be rewarded with empowering Battle Medals, even Titles.

Blade Hunter Mounts

Mounts provide players with new combat options and faster movement speed. From the humble Iron Horse, to the shining Emerald Dragon, to the fearsome Shadowfang, Mounts will transform battlefields and city scenes alike with strength and style.

There’s much more to see in this Blade Hunter update, and R2Games will take the beat ’em up MMORPG even further in the future.

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