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Global Adventures Closed Beta Steam Key Giveaway

We’ve partnered with SubaGames and PixelSoft to welcome players to the Global Adventures Closed Beta!

Buckle up for an unforgettable adventure around the world in the action-packed MMO Global Adventures! Embark on an epic journey as a member of the Treasure Hunters’ Association (THA). Blast through difficult missions and massive bosses as you uncover hidden treasures that unlock powerful abilities … but watch out for those who’d rather wipe out the THA!

In Global Adventures, your life gets turned upside down after you join the adventurous Treasure Hunters’ Association (THA) and head out to explore the Mayan ruins. But what starts as a treasure hunt quickly turns into something more. Your expeditions reveal bits and pieces of information that could unravel the mysteries of history.

During your journey, you will encounter several enemies of the THA – including the Black Flag Gang, Eight Prejudice Sect (a ninja group that creates undead army), and The Priory (a secret order that seems to have a sinister plan).

Face off against zombies, vampires, reincarnations of ancient gods, and much more as you journey across continents: Uncover new facts about the Mayan King and the fall of the Mayan civilization; unveil the secrets of the Pharaohs – and the strife that resulted from conflicting religious practices in Ancient Egypt; and investigate the relationship between Emperor Qin and the wealthiest woman in the dynasty!

Steps to Join Global Adventures’ Closed Beta

  1. Obtain a beta key below.
  2. In the Steam app, from the “Games” menu pick “Activate a Product on Steam…”
  3. Follow the steps and enter your key when prompted. GA will be added to your Steam Library.
  4. Once GA has been released, you will be able to install and play the game.

Note: Unfortunately ad blockers may interfere with our site. If you have any issues claiming a key, please disable them and try again.

Still having problems redeeming? Please check this thread.

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