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Romans: Age of Caesar Announced by Firefly Studios

Firefly Studios, the makers of Stronghold Kingdoms have announced a new title: Romans: Age of Caesar. It is a co-op/grand strategy MMO, and also a spiritual successor to Stronghold Kingdoms. Pre-Registration has officially begun for the Alpha, which is in the link below. They are building on their legacy of Roman sim games, where ideally, thousands of players will work together to rebuild the great cities of Rome. This shard-world builder returns to classic setting designed and produced by Simon Bradbury and Eric Oullette, back in 1999.

Offering classic city builder gameplay across on an online continent, Romans: Age of Caesar allows players to build and trade with everyone on the same map. With up to 16 players per city, governors must rebuild Rome as they share resources, re-establish trade routes and protect each other from barbarian invasion. Work with fellow governors to rebuild the great cities of Rome, revive the republic and restore the Roman Empire to its former glory.

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