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League of Angels: Origins Trailer

League of Angels: Origins is Yoozoo Games’ upcoming mobile MMORPG and has recently opened up pre-registration. It boasts Sky Battles, classic MMO gameplay, and three classes to pick from – Warrior, Archer or Mage. Each has its own distinct playstyle. Several challenging storylines await in League of Angels: Origins and over one million people have already pre-registered. League of Angels was the first browser-based game to feature Western Mythology.

Wings, the symbols of angels, are vital to player progression and reputation in LoA: Origins and obtaining the right pair isn’t just an aesthetic thing; it’s also an aerodynamic one. Players looking to fly across sprawling battlefields would be well-advised to do so with their feathers in good order; whether taking on others in 1v1 Arena showdowns or battling alongside their wing-men in their very own guilds.

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