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King of Kings 3 Gameplay Trailer

To Learn More About the Game, Check out our King of Kings 3 Page.

The German MMO publisher Gamigo has recently announced its plans to star operations in North America. This is great news for gamers since it means we’ll have another company bringing us free to play MMOs  and MMORPGs. King of Kings 3 is a fantasy MMORPG set to be released by Gamigo and should be available soon. It will be a highly PvP focused game with a unique city building feature offered to player run guilds. While the emphasis will be on PvP, there will be plenty of quests to complete and monsters to grind off of. This first preview trailer shows a few snippets of gameplay. We see players riding various mounts along with some cinematic animations. Stay tuned for more information on King of Kings 3 right here on MMOHuts!

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