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Sentinel Heroes Remake’s New Update Goes Live Today

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Sentinel Heroes Studios announced the release of a new update for its strategic RPG game Sentinel Heroes today. The update includes a new ranking system, big changes in Auction House, and a new daily event.

The new ranking system covers Level Rankings, Arena Rankings, Checkpoint Conquerors Rankings, Dungeon Conquerors Rankings and so on. It not only lists top players in the game but also shows your own rank. Players can fight against each other to get a better rank.

To boost trade in Auction House, Sentinel Heroes introduced consignment fee refund mechanism. Before, once you consigned an item, one diamond will be deducted from your account whether the item’s sold or not. But now if the trade is not completed, the one diamond will be refunded. So, free players can use Auction House, too. Another good news for free players is that diamonds can be got by completing certain quests now which can only be bought with real money before this update.

Sentinel Heroes also opened a new daily event “Life Tree’s Blessing”. Players can join the event twice a day to get some free stamina. There are other changes waiting for your exploration.

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