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Legacy of Discord Launches Divine Armory & Guild Camp

Legacy of Discord - March Update News - Image

A new update is coming to Legacy of Discord: Furious Wings which will enrich the weapon and guild system in new ways. March 9th, powerful and stunning weapons are coming to the new Divine Armory. It’s stocked with four Illusionary Weapons, namely Inferno Ultima, Shadow Ultima, Light Ultima, and Radiance Ultima. Using Meteorite Ores will activate them and unlock bonus attributes. They have their own Weapon Skills though they will not automatically proc in battle, therefore in those scenarios where a boss is extra tough, that skill will be useful. When a guild hits level 6, Guild Camp will be a place where members can start maps and Bonfire, which will yield great rewards.┬áThe Camp Bonfire starts every night, and when it starts, all players in the Guild Camp area will receive a bonfire reward every 60 seconds. The Bonfire can be upgraded to have its rewards increased. Gold and Diamonds can be used to buy firewood to upgrade the Bonfire.

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