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Guild Wars 2 ‘Tangled Paths’ Update Releases Today

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Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet™, publisher and developer of the acclaimed Guild Wars franchise, is releasing “Tangled Paths” for Guild Wars 2’s Living World today. This episode continues the Living World’s second season, where players and world leaders in Tyria have found themselves on a path to war with the Elder Dragon Mordremoth.

In “Tangled Paths”, Tyria’s powerful Pact continues its preparations as the drums of war grow louder. With the recent revelation of the existence of a dragon egg, players hunt for the fabled object that could help in the fight. Their journey includes new rewards, including the opportunity to continue building their collection of new armor.

The Pursuit

Players will scour the Silverwastes to seek out the trail of the Zephyrite masters, and search for signs of their vanished leader. A new dragon could make for a powerful ally to either side of this war, and some of Mordremoth’s most deadly minions are also on the trail.

War in the Silverwastes

The fight between Pact forces and the dragon’s armies rages on. Newly discovered underground caverns contain new threats to contend with and dangers to brave. Players will need to coordinate with other forces on the map, call siege devourers to their aid and keep one step ahead of deadly mordrem hunters.

Silverwastes Treasures

Players can continue building their collection of Carapace armour with the addition of Carapace gloves. Once players obtain new gloves, they can begin collecting materials to unlock the upgraded Luminescent gloves. New rewards have also been added to Bandit Crest vendors.

To learn more about “Tangled Paths,” check out the ArenaNet Releases tab at

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