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Grand Chase reveals Rin

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SG Interactive has revealed their latest free character for Grand Chase, Rin, with a new trailer.

Rin is a reincarnated deity, who uses a Fan as her main weapon. She comes complete with new skills and a new playstyle for players of Grand Chase, and will arrive on March 5.

To celebrate, players can find Rin’s silhoutte in dungeons and PvP modes to gain a 10% experience boost, or purchase the “Karma Fusion Package” on sale until Rin makes her debut.

SG Interactive also publishes Trickster Online and Pangya.

Grand Chase: Rin-Sanity


Forget the Knicks’ point guard and get ready for “Rin-sanity,” with the trailer for Grand Chase: Chaos newest character, Rin. As the latest roster addition to SG Interactive’s popular action MMOPRG, Rin is the reincarnation of a deity who has sealed away the ancient evil enemies to protect the world. To celebrate her upcoming launch, SGI has some Rin-teresting events for Grand Chase: Chaos players, including:

  • · Increased experience: Players who collect Rin’s silhouette emblem in dungeons and PvP modes will receive a 10 percent EXP boost
  • · Sale items: The “Karma Fusion Package” will be on sale for a week until March 5 when Rin makes her official debut
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