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Dungeons and Dragons Online: Shadowfell Conspiracy Wheloon Details

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Turbine has announced today that players who have pre-ordered Dungeons and Dragons Online: Shadowfell Conspiracy prior to June 5 will receive guaranteed beta access to the expansion content, as well as immediate access to the Shadow of A Doubt quest, set in the brand new area called Wheloon.

Wheloon Background:

When the king of Cormyr discovered that Wheloon was full of traitorous Shar worshippers, he walled off the prosperous trading town and made it into a massive prison, a chaotic hellhole where life is cheap and imprisoned criminals battle over control of the ruined streets.  And now something even worse has come to the prison – the Shadowfell, a plane of darkness and despair filled with fell creatures commanded by a mighty empire.

Players will adventure through the twisting streets of Wheloon and climb up to its rooftops to explore the town from a completely different perspective. They’ll investigate hidden corners and dangerous interiors, and discover new creatures and treasure through Wheloon’s Random Encounter system.  And through a serious of quests they will begin to unravel the secrets of the Shadowfell Conspiracy.

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