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Cloak and Dagger Pack Revealed for Tribes Ascend

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This week’s Tribes Ascend update will include new content for the Infiltrator Class.

The class will be receiving new weapons and two new cosmetic skins — a first for the game.  The Smoke Grenade allows the Infiltrator to quickly re-enter stealth when detected.  The Jackal allows remotely detonated explosives to be placed in an area, then exploded when opportune.  Throwing Knives allow the infiltrator a close-range, highly damaging option.

Further class updates will be available in the future, with weapons and skins similar to the Infiltrator.

Tribes Ascend is published by Hi-Rez Studios, which also publishes Global Agenda.

Tribes: Ascend Infiltrator Preview


This week´s Tribes: Ascend update will include new content for the Infiltrator Class — Hi-Rez Studios will add 3 new weapons and for the first time two cosmetic skins: The Assassin and the Mercenary. The weapons include a Smoke Grenade, a Jackal and Throwing Knives.

Check out the new Infiltrator skins and weapons in the Tribes: Ascend preview.

All new weapons can be unlocked with gameplay XP or Tribes Gold. The cosmetic skins will be purchasable via real-money only (Tribes Gold). Going forward Hi-Rez Studios will offer similar updates for other Tribes: Ascend classes – including cosmetic skins as well as alternate weapons.

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