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Become a True Hero in La Tale’s New HEROES Expansion

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La Tale HEROES Banner

The cute, anime-style MMORPG La Tale has just released one of its biggest updates to date. The update introduces a brand new job class, numerous new skills and a whole lot more. With the release of this new job class, heroes in La Tale can advance their abilities even further and utilize all new skills to slay the various monsters in the Kingdom of Elias and quest through the new regions of the mysterious Floating City. Players can jump into this exciting new fantasy world now at

In addition to the all-new class advancements, the La Tale’s HEROES expansion also includes a magnitude of additional in-game content which consist of 38 new quests to complete, new dungeons to explore and new character titles to help express your awesomeness. If that doesn’t make you jump into La Tale right this second, the HEROES expansion also improves on La Tale’s game mechanics and functionality. Some of these amazing new features include character slot expansion, 2nd jump functionality to get those hard to reach places, improved guild system and more. The details are broken down here.

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