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4Story Details Upcoming Patch

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Zemi Interactive, Inc, has announced further details about the upcoming patch for 4Story.

New marble items, which function much like mystery boxes, are being introduced, which offer items to players that have not been previously available through mystery boxes.  New background music is being introduced in several areas as well that will help improve the ambiance for several places.  Lastly, upgrade effects are being brought in.  Several colors will be available:  violet, sky-blue, green and yellow, and black and red.  More is promised as the patch develops.

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4Story’s Upcoming patch and changes

Seoul, Korea – Oct. 12th, 2011 – Zemi Interactive, Inc., Korea’s leading MMORPG developer and service provider of famous free to play MMO “4Story” has announced the news of the changes and updated contents for the upcoming patch.

Many changes will be made to the game this time around, and one of them will be the all new Marble items. These marble items are very much like the mystery boxes, double click and you will be getting an item. However, one thing that is different is that these marbles will be dropping items that no other mystery boxes have been giving out to the players. Items such as 38 level performance level weapon materials, armor pieces, or different types of scrolls will be dropping from these marbles. These marbles will be sold in-game through the Marble NPC.

Next big thing is BGM! Those of you who does not know what BGM is, although I suspect most of you do, is Background Music. New BGM will be playing throughout different areas of the World of Iveria. Some places will have dim and darkish feel to it, where as in some areas would be more happy-go-lucky type of tunes will be playing. Make sure to check out the new BGM once the patch goes up.

Now the best for last, upgrade effects! New upgrade effects will be implemented in the game. The color schemes will go as follows: Violet, Sky-Blue, Green & Yellow, and Black & Red. New color schemes will have users go crazy over them and will most likely be anxious to apply them on their weapons and armor. There are many more things that will have changes made in the upcoming patch, this is a sneak peek of the things to come so you will have to wait and log in to the game yourself to find out more.

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