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Jaime Skelton (MissyS)


Jaime "MissyS" has been an editor for MMOHuts since 2009, transitioning to Senior Editor in 2015 and . She has been deeply invested in video gaming since she was young, from her first memory of playing Oregon Trail on a portable TV screen, to learning to program in BASIC for the Commodore 64. Her interest turned especially to online gaming with the launch of Ultima Online, and MMOs have remained a core part of her gaming experience since. Jaime was previously the National MMORPG Examiner at She has also previously written for, MMOSite, BrightHub, and Associated Content. She has an Associates' Degree in Business Administration.

Jason Parker (Ragachak)

News Editor & Console Guru

It all began in 1986; I begged, groveled and pleaded for a Nintendo Entertainment System. I was fortunate enough to acquire one but that sealed my fate forever. In the fourth grade I was handed “Nintendo Power” and I said even then, “This is what I want to do” and so here I am! My focus leans more towards MOBAs and MMORPGs, though my article list is incredibly varied, including card games, Diablo clones, and World War II simulators. Favorite games include: EarthBound, Final Fantasy IV, Dragon Quest III, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire. I have been actively gaming on consoles since 1986, starting with Nintendo, and currently I hold more Sony consoles than anything; though I am also an active PC gamer on Steam, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and just about anything else I can get my hands on. More than anything I crave a well-crafted story, and as a writer and gamer it is my primary concern. My forte’ appears to be Alpha/Beta tests and sneak previews of games that are getting a relaunch, taking a good look at the changes that are forthcoming; I also have peered at my fair share of expansions to evaluate how far they have come from the original product. My goal is to offer as much of an unbiased opinion that I possibly can, and to word my reviews in such a way that everyone can come away from it with knowledge, whether they are a gamer or not.

Colton Leighton is an up and coming musician who began working with MMOHuts as a free-lance video content contributor under the banner of The World's Greatest and Most Original Let's Play Channel (TM) Bottom Tier with his best friend Jason Parker (Ragachak). He has a self-described "blind obsession" with classic video games; particularly platformers, adventure games, and fighting games. Colton also has an unsurprising flair for music and rhythm games that borders on the obnoxious. Some of his favorite games include Super Mario World and its sequel SMW2: Yoshi's Island, Duck Tales, Rock Band, Ratchet and Clank, WWF: No Mercy, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time. Colton works closely with MMOHuts on video reviews, beta preview events, and developer video interviews blending his style of anything-goes comedy with plenty of insightful observation and commentary. His mission is to not only provide you with that much needed information on all your favorite upcoming games but to be as entertaining as possible while doing it.

Long ago you could often find a younger me sitting in the dark lit only by an old computer monitor trimming armour in Runescape and playing classic handheld games. These days I excitedly watch and play competitive multiplayer games like League of Legends, Overwatch, and Hearthstone. When I’m not pumpin’ adrenaline off the excitement of eSports, I’m chilling in WoW, Old School Runescape, and Guild Wars 2.

Chris Majot's first gaming experience was the original Tomb Raider on the PlayStation when he was just two years old and he hasn't looked back since those first glorious moments of uzi-ridden goodness. From there he quickly transitioned to desktop computers and grew fond of MMORPGs, spending way too much of his childhood living vicariously through titles like Lineage 2 and World of Warcraft. Nowadays he is a serial video game hopper with a soft spot for MOBAs, playing anything and everything that promises exciting, new features or offers him the chance to test his skills against other players. If this try-hard can potentially outsmart you in it, outplay you in it, or just kill you in it then he's playing it.

Abubakr spends his free time playing games of all genres from shooters to RPGs to RTS games. His gaming specialties and focuses are in MMORPGs and ARTS/MOBA games. Abubakr always looks at the competitive side of games and spends a lot of time studying and practicing all the games he picks up. A lot of his time is spent tuning into eSports events. Aside from playing games, his hobbies include programming, playing sports (especially soccer), biking, and reading.

Ever since I was young I have been hooked to playing games. I still remember the first games I played that were on a floppy disk and my first console which was the NES. The new technology interested me a lot and it was no surprise that it eventually became my biggest hobby and a huge part of my job. As a gamer, I am a fan of most genres and I will play almost anything that catches my interest. I am also a very competitive gamer, and love to try and get to the top of the ladder in each game. I also visit many events to either participate in tournaments or to check out the latest games. I am the typical stereotype gamer geek.

Ojogo always thought that it would be just a dream to write about video games but was proven wrong ever since signing up at OnRPG years ago. He know covers the mobile gaming scene for OnRPG and sometimes dabbles into some browser games as well. Aside from his mobile gaming preference, Ojogo enjoys playing FPS, Hack n' Slash, Fighting, Rhythm and simulation games. He's into animes, sentais and Kamen Riders too

Around the MMOHuts block for more than four years, Michael Sagoe is a long time contributor with a love for MMORPGs, FPS/TPS, Fighting, Hack n' Slash and Beat 'Em Up games. He's also an avid blogger, loves traveling with friends, and tinkering away with PC parts.

Hello everyone, Jordan aka ApocaRUFF here. I really started gaming when I first picked up Star Wars Galaxies when I was twelve or thirteen, quite sometime ago. My experiences in that game has defined who I have become as a gamer - as such I love good Sandbox features, in-depth housing systems, and lore-rich worlds. I focus mainly on MMORPGs with strong sandbox elements and small, indie-developed obscure titles such as Wurm Online, Shores of Hazeron, Mortal Online, etc... Chances are you haven't heard of at least one of those, but they're all games I've played and enjoyed immensely. And that's what I like to do - play the little-known titles and help other realize their existence.

Gamer for 30 years. MMO player since Ultima Online. Writer since I realized I could utilize a massive imagination. Metalworker, amateur meteorologist, avid rock climber, chef-to-be, and overall goofball. All of these are sentence fragments; one of them is not true.

Berlin based, marketing professional, soccer fanatic. Bennett is now working for six years in the gaming industry as a part of the GSN family. Back in the days Bennett grew up with pc games only, but as time and products changed he rather became a strong focus on Sony's consoles. As he is obsessed with his passion for soccer it’s no surprise he highly enjoys joining competitive sport simulations. If he isn’t representing the FC Bayern Munich on the virtual field, he is rather a lonely wolf/single player in the wide range of action and rpg games. Apart of the gaming universe Bennett likes to cruise through Berlin by boat and has a passionate interest for mma. Perhaps time will come to combine all of that.

What Is Up World!? I remember the days of Sonic, Mario, and Zelda like they were yesterday. I grew up on console games, but definitely lost my collective mind when I first Played Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, which there two games were just the beginning of my computer gaming adventure. Since then I have enjoyed many a FPS, like Borderlands, or the newest of the Wolfenstein saga, along with some classic RTS games such as starcraft, and Red Alert. Not gonna lie though if you have to guess what game I'm in Ark Survival Evolved has a good chance of being the winner. Anyways, I'm excited to get out there and see y'all killin' it with me on the gaming front! so with that, Gamers...get back to gaming!

My mother told me when I first saw an Atari 2600 I was enchanted. In the early days I battled fellow kids in games like River Raid, Warlords, and Combat. Then Nintendo came along and I tried so hard to beat Ninja Gaiden, and memorized every aspect of Contra. I was a member of the original Nintendo Fun Club (pre Nintendo Power), and played in the Nintendo World Championships in California. Time flies and eventually I fell in love with the classic Street Fighter II. Fast forward a few years and I was competing in 2d asteroids-like subspace/continuum, with my own squad to live out Ender's Game fantasies. Retired former expert-rated chess player. I love to compete in (video) games, to acquire skill and push myself to become the best I can be. I guess you can call me old school, I am more interested in the mechanical details of a game than modern day features like lengthy cutscenes and engrossing stories. My latest hobby is competitive VR games, which are interesting because they feel more like sports than a video game you play with your thumbs. I'm also a hobbyist game developer, and hope to bring a multiplayer title to life some day.

Darren Henderson (DizzyPW)

Former General Manager

Darren Henderson transferred from accounting to editor-in-chief of MMOHuts in 2011, eventually rising to general manager of the GEE project overseeing OnRPG and MMOHuts. Although more of a console gamer, his love of writing and sharing breaking gaming features allowed him to grow a passion for the MMORPG industry. His articles tend to focus on the minute details and interviews drill down to the facts gamers care about when choosing game choices, rather than fluff and personal preference. You can usually find him in PvP intensive titles where skill-based combat allows casual players a chance to compete with grinders.

James Hunt (JamesBl0nde)

Former Video Editor & Streamer

JamesBl0nde grew up with old school consoles and classic PC games from Choplifter on the Sega Master System, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Vectorman, to Doom, Command & Conquer, and everything up to now. "Been there, played that...for the most part." James started several years ago with OnRPG and made a big transition over to MMOHuts keeping the news hot, and the first looks interesting and informative! James streams frequently on Twitch; check him out here:

Tyler Wood (Zelus)

Former Site Engineer, Wizard

Tyler was the principle engineer working on MMOHuts and a developer for most things powered by code. He's also an avid PC gamer and Smash Bros. player. Born, raised, and schooled in the San Francisco Bay Area he spends 13+ hours a day in front of a computer monitor dressed in a black t-shirt and blue jeans. Formally trained in software design and engineering, Tyler primarily focuses on website development and small software tools that makes everyone's lives easier. In his free time he hikes around, plays ping pong, and plays lots of video games. Being a gamer since he was 3, he's a walking encyclopedia for most series released in the West and knows a quite a bit about the game industry's dynamics and patterns. Though most of his work is behind the scenes, Tyler will poke his head into the forums every once in a while as well as post announcements and coverage of game events occuring in San Francisco.