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Jacob Wagner (Zenchess)

My mother told me when I first saw an Atari 2600 I was enchanted. In the early days I battled fellow kids in games like River Raid, Warlords, and Combat. Then Nintendo came along and I tried so hard to beat Ninja Gaiden, and memorized every aspect of Contra. I was a member of the original Nintendo Fun Club (pre Nintendo Power), and played in the Nintendo World Championships in California. Time flies and eventually I fell in love with the classic Street Fighter II. Fast forward a few years and I was competing in 2d asteroids-like subspace/continuum, with my own squad to live out Ender's Game fantasies. Retired former expert-rated chess player. I love to compete in (video) games, to acquire skill and push myself to become the best I can be. I guess you can call me old school, I am more interested in the mechanical details of a game than modern day features like lengthy cutscenes and engrossing stories. My latest hobby is competitive VR games, which are interesting because they feel more like sports than a video game you play with your thumbs. I'm also a hobbyist game developer, and hope to bring a multiplayer title to life some day.

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