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NosTale is a  2D anime styled fantasy MMORPG by the Korean developer Entwell. In NosTale, players can catch and train various pets, decorate their homes and complete long story driven quest lines known as Acts. While NosTale only has 3 initial classes, an interesting card based class system is available with over 15 possibilities for higher level characters.

62342  320x245 nostale 01

Publisher: GameForge
Playerbase: Medium
Graphics: Low
EXP Rate: Fast
PvP: Yes
Filesize: ~4 GB

Pros: +Fast leveling early on. +Simple gameplay & interface. +In depth pet system. +Player housing. +Instancing +Plenty of quests.

Cons: -Limited graphic options. -Poor translations and boring text.  -Repetitive dungeon designs. -Only 3 first class choices.

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NosTale Overview

NosTale which stands for ‘The Tale of Nomads of Silver Spirit’ is a 2D  MMORPG with very basic gameplay. The game has limited character appearance options and only three classes from which players can chose from upon attaining level 15. Each of the three classes can further specialize using ‘specialist cards.’ Below is a brief description of the three classes and currently available specialist cards:

Swordsman - Close combat specialist with the highest health of the three classes.

1. Warrior - Supportive specialization that excels at AoE and debuffing enemies.
2. Blade - Swift sword strikes make the Blade very powerful in PvP.
3. Crusader - Crusaders possess powerful buffs and are proficient in the use of cross bows.
4. Berserker - Proficient in pole arms, Berserkers deal devastating blows to single targets.

Archers - Ranged combat class with high agility and accuracy.

1. Ranger - Great solo class and heavy ranged damage dealer.
2. Assassin - Assassins use daggers and can tumble to deflect attacks, potent PvP class.
3. Destroyer - Wields guns and uses traps to clean multiple mobs at once.
4. Wild Keeper - Uses boomerang and specialize in Area of Effect spells and buffing team mates.

Sorcerers - The spellcasters of NosTale, they have low HP but possess powerful offensive and supportive spells.

1. Red Mage - Fire specialists with high damage AoE spells.
2. Holy Mage - Supportive caster with healing and buffing spells.
3. Blue Mage - Blue Mages have multiple freezing / blackout spells along with AoE moves.
4. Dark Gunner - Specializes in DoT (damage over time) spells and debuffs.

In addition, there are three cards available to all classes:

Pajama - Obtained from the Pajama Fairy. Usable after job level 10.
Chicken - Rewarded for completing the Chicken Raid.
JajaMaru - Fire based specialization available to all classes.

More details and updates to the classes HERE!

NosTale Screenshots

NosTale Feature Video


Full Review

NosTale Full Review

By: Erhan Altay

Originally released in Korea back in 2006, NosTale is now available to the Western market but with a few complications. There are currently three sites vying for your sign up. The first one I Googled upon was the UK (United Kingdom) server hosted by GameForge, the next was the Global server hosted by Servex (Which shut down) and the latest one is by the new publisher Uforia (Which shut down) which doesn’t host its own server but serves as an alternative means to log into the global service. Since the Serverx and Uforia versions of the game all shut down, I linked to the GameForge homepage, download and sign up pages. Users in both Europe and North America can access the GameForge version.

2603  500x375 nostale creation

Back to Basics

While NosTale is a relatively new game, its graphic style hearkens back to the good old days of 2D gaming. I would of imagined a game like this having a small client but the 1160 MB download proved me wrong. Character creation is nearly nonexistent; players chose their gender and one of two hairstyles along with a few hair color options. Like many other Asian MMORPGs, players do not select a class from the beginning, instead beginning as a newbie class until reaching a certain level. That level in Nostale is 15 which is higher than usual. Its also worth mentioning that characters in NosTale have two levels; a Job level and a Combat level. Your combat level continues to increase as you hunt monsters, complete questions and so on while your job level resets every time you switch jobs. The first dozen or so levels in NosTale go by quickly but only if you follow the starting quest line. Players are taught gameplay basics and led from one area to another by a bright arrow, gaining experience as they go.

2631  500x375 nostale ramp

Chicken, I Choose You!

If you follow the tutorial quests, you’ll eventually be taught how to catch animals and have them serve as pets. If you already have a pet with you, all new pets caught will be automatically transported to your ‘mini-land’ which acts as a personal home base. Pets can be trained and level up just like your character, they can learn new skills but must be fed and kept loyal or they will refuse to obey your commands. Players can have a single pet out in the gameworld at a time but may also hire an NPC mercenary called a NosMate. Both NosMates and pets can be set to auto follow and defend your main character or they can be given individual commands. NosMates also level up and can even be equipped with weapons and armor. During the first few dozen levels chances are you’ll be stuck with small pets like chickens, sheep, baby foxes and so on but eventually you’ll be able to catch dragons and other interesting monsters.

2629  500x375 nostale pets

Easy Mode

Combat in NosTale is straight forward – left click your opponent to take a swing. As you level you’ll learn new skills which can be assigned to hotkeys and activated in battle. None of this is very original but it generally works well. My only complaint is that while fighting near teleporters (which link areas), you’ll occasionally end up teleporting instead of attacking. This gets frustrating especially during the game’s instanced dungeon missions (called time stones) which are scattered across the game world. Time Stone missions are timed and usually tied to the ongoing quest line. They are organized into a series of rooms nearly identical rooms which makes for repetitive gameplay. Completing these Time Stones not only provides players with a reward but is also necessary to finish each ‘Act’ and move on to the next. If you happen to die during one of these missions, you can simply come back to life up to 2-3 times (depending on the mission.) Things are even better outside the dungeons. As long as you’re under level 20 death has no penalty and players can elect to respawn right where they died. If your NosMate happens to die, they too will come back to life after three minutes. All this makes for a very easy game experience which is enjoyable at first since the experience rate is steady but after level 15 things begin to slow down.

2601  500x375 nostale combat

All in the Family

Upon reaching level 15, players are given a meager three class choices; Swordsman, Archer, or Sorcerer. Luckily, each of these classes has four specializations which take the form of cards that players can obtain and use. For more information on the classes and their specializations, check out the overview tab. Another unique feature in NosTale is the mini land. Mini lands act as instanced homes that players can customize with furniture, trees, flowers and so on. As mentioned earlier, the mini land is where all additional pets caught by a player are stored. NosTale also has high level raids which take up to 15 players to complete. Players form a ‘Family’ rather than a guild in Nostale which gives it a more personal touch. NosTale even has PvP, players can drink a ‘battle potion’ which leaves them open to attack by others or can head into the arena and fight it in more structured battles.

2638  500x375 nostale trade

Now for the Bad

I found the graphics in NosTale to be rather attractive but that may be because I have a soft spot for 2D games. The environments are nice and brightly colored, the monsters and characters are nicely designed but are recycled for too often. Every MMORPG recycles monster designs, changes their color a bit and slaps on a new name but NosTale has taken it a step too far. You’ll be fighting the same monsters at level 40 as you’ve been fighting at level 1 except that they will be a darker shade of red. Another fault is the game’s poor translations, NPC dialogue is at times incoherent and always dull. A quest tracker tells you how many of each monster you need to kill but finding where those monsters are located means deciphering quest text.

Final Verdict: Good

NosTale is not a revolutionary game but is easy to pick up and play. There’s enough in here for everyone. Pets, customizable homes and plenty of quests will appeal to the average gamer while instanced dungeons, raids and PvP entertain the dedicated crowd.


NosTale Screenshots


NosTale Videos

NosTale Gameplay Video


NosTale Dungeon Run


NosTale Boss Battle


NosTale PvP Trailer


NosTale High Level Gameplay



NosTale Links

NosTale Official Site

NosTale Wikia [Great Resource!]

System Requirements

NosTale System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
CPU: Pentium 3 500 MHz
RAM: 256 MB
Graphics Card:  ATI Radeon 7000, NVidia RIVA TNT2

Recommended Specification:
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
CPU: Pentium3 800 Mhz or better
RAM: 512 MB or more
Graphics Card:GeForce 2 MX

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