Star Trek Online – Season 7: Legacy Uniforms Giveaway

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Star Trek Online Season 7: New Romulus finds both Federation and Klingon Captains working alongside Romulan leader D’Tan in search for a new home world for Romulan refugees to begin the process of rebuilding a capital city and MMOHuts has teamed up with Perfect World Entertainment to bring you uniforms dating back through the ages of the Star Trek universe!

Star Trek Online is a 3D sci-fi themed MMORPG based off the popular Star Trek Franchise. Players step into the role of a rising Starfleet Lieutenant, commanding their own crew and ship through unknown zones in the galaxy. Fans of the original series will enjoy strolling through the Enterprise, participating in PvE ground combat, and waging war in PvP tactical ship battles with fellow comrades. Customize your ship with a variety of weapons and add-ons or even create your own master alien race in this free-to-play space MMO.

You could receive 1 of 4 uniforms:


TOS Enterprise2 300x187

1: Enterprise

TOS Formal2 300x187

2: Formal

TOS Medical2 300x187

3: Medical

TOS Tunic2 300x187

 4: Tunic


How to Redeem your Coupon Code:


2.Create a free account. Already have one? Please log in.

3.Once logged in, click the “My Account” link at the top of the Star Trek Online homepage.

4.Once in your “My Account” portal, click the “Redeem Key” link.

5.Enter the key in the field and click ‘Submit’.

6.If you have not done so already, download the game at, install and log in.

7.You can claim your promotional items through the in-game C-Store, under the ‘Appearance’ tab.

Notes: One account can only activate one code.

Obtain a Beta Key Below by entering your Forums Username and Password Below! If you do not have a forum account make one by clicking Here!

This event has expired



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