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HypeSquad Announces North America Focus Test

HypeSquad NA Focus Test

Netmarble has announced an upcoming NA Server Focus Test for its Battle Royale TPS game, HypeSquad. The NA Server Focus Test will be held from May 11 through May 29 and features new contents and game improvements. Players can participate in the test by downloading the game on Steam.

Participants will be able to experience the following game content and improvements:

  • New Mode: A new Competitive Mode will be available that will measure a player’s skill. Available tiers include Rookie, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Different rewards will be provided for each tier so that players can continuously try out for higher grades.
  • Battle Pass System: Pass Points can be obtained through playing a match and completing battle pass missions. Players can obtain Battle Pass Rewards, including emote and weapons based on the accumulated Pass Points.
  • Growth System Changes: To allow players to fully enjoy the experience of close-ranged combat during the entire 15 mins of gameplay, the Augmenter, Vending Machine, and Hype Point Systems will be removed, while a new Level-up System will be added. Players can level up by acquiring experience items which can be found through defeating other players or the newly added PVE elements, the Patrol Robot and Vainin. All players will start the game at level 1 and can reach up to level 12. Each time a player levels up, they can choose 1 Talent among Attack, Defense, and Utility and form unique strategies.
  • Combat System Change: The number of weapons that can be equipped will be changed to one so that players can focus on one weapon to use rather than continuously choosing other artillery.
  • Weapon Skills and Passives Rework: Several weapon skills and passives will be changed to improve each weapon’s unique usability and characteristics. For example, various effects will be added to the skill sets of Link Cleaver to allow players to confuse enemies and engage in a more dynamic combat environment.
  • Rule Changes: Extra time will be added after the final round in Survival Mode. Unlike the previous rounds, the safe zone will not shrink during the extra time. Instead of holding out in the safe zone or being forced to fight due to the gray field, the extra time will allow players to determine the battle’s outcome through combat. Farming-type bots Vainin and Patrol Robot, which enable players to carry out alternative strategies by dropping experience items and other combat-assist items, will be added.

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