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Wonderland Online Overview

Wonderland Online is one of many 2D turn-based games, but while most of the others languish in obscurity, Wonderland has managed to gain quite a following. Like in other games of the genre, combat takes place in a separate screen when a random encounter occurs. Players not only control their own character but also a pet. There are over a dozen different pets to collect and they can be switched in and out of your party at any time. Perhaps Wonderland’s most interesting feature is its player housing. Unlike other games where you can only enter your personal instanced house from town, players in Wonderland carry their house with them in the form of a tent and can place it anywhere on the ground and have other players walk in. In total there are twelve starting characters to chose from and four elements for players to select. Each element has its own skill line so chose wisely!


Alice - +1 str, +2 con. Special skill: Bomber Attack. Suggested element: Earth.
Betty - +1 int, +2 agi. Special skill: Leap. Suggested elements: Water, Fire, Wind.
Daniel - +1 str, +2 con. Special Skill: Overarm Stumble. Suggested element: Earth.
Jessica - +1 int, +1 wis. Special skill: Note Attack. Suggested element: Water.
Konno Tsuruko - +2 int, +1 wis. Special skill: Fire Dance. Suggested elements: Water, Fire.
Maria - +2 int, +1 agi. Special skill: Double Cure. Suggested elements: Water.
More - +2 wis, +1 agi. Special skill: Wine Flame. Suggested elements: Fire, Wind.
Nicole - +2 str, +1 agi. Special skill: Gallop. Suggested elements: Fire, Wind.
Nina - +1 int, +1 wis, +1 agi. Special skill: Love Wish. Suggested elements: Earth, Fire
Rock - +2 in, +1 agi. Special skill: Summon Dog Groups. Suggested elements: Water, Wind.
Sid - +2 str, +1 con. Special skill: x3 Combo Attack. Suggested element: Fire.
Vanessa - +3 int. Special skill: Slap. Suggested elements: Water, Fire, Wind.

Breillat -
Special character, unlocked by talking to her repeatedly on the cruise ship. She has the same stats as your original character choice but has the special skill ‘tray throw.’

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Full Review

Wonderland Online Review

By Erhan Altay

Wonderland Online is one of several 2D turn-based MMORPGs with anime styled graphics. IGG, which publishes the game, has a game with a similar battle system called Myth War 2 Online. Aeria, a competitor of IGG’s, hosts the far less successful Stone Age 2. Similar games such as Elf Online and Fairyland Online are also in the same genre. But Wonderland Online is by far the best out of all these. Not only does it have a larger player base, but it offers more gameplay options and features like player housing.

8639  500x375 wonderland online characters

What Class Am I?

Wonderland Online has a somewhat strange character creation process. Players chose one of twelve characters, ranging from little boys and girls to men and women. Each has a different special skill and starts with bonuses in different stats. After picking a character, the next step is to chose an element of which there are four; Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. Your element choice is not trivial; it will determine what skills your character can learn as they level up. While any character can choose any element, be sure to check the overview tab to see which elements make sense with each character. After this, players are asked to distribute five stat points among the five stats; Str, Con, Int, Wis, and Agi. Its best to simply boost the stat(s) that your selected character has a bonus in. The final step is to choose your hair, skin, and underwear (I’m serious) color. Oddly, it is not until level 100 that players can pick their class, and doing so lowers their level by 99.

8642  500x375 wonderland online deck

Useless Scenes

The game lacks a tutorial but tries to make up for it with two odd scenarios. Players start on a cruise ship, just like in Trickster Online. There are a couple of NPCs to talk to, one being a waitress who is actually an unlockable character (talk to her repeatedly and she’ll ask if you want to switch places with her.) The more important NPC is the ship captain; talking to him will progress the scene forward by causing the ship to sink. The player is then dragged onto the beach of a small island whose only inhabitant is an old man. He hands you a raft and instructs you to walk across the island to the other side and use the raft to get to the mainland. No game features are explained and there are no random encounters on this small island which left me wondering what the point of it was. After rafting to the main island, my conclusion was that the first two scenes (the cruise ship and the deserted isle) served no purpose besides an attempt to give the game a backstory.

8675  500x375 wonderland online screenshot

The Adventure Begins

Fortunately, things really start to pick up when players enter the first town. Many NPCs litter the place and many of them have quests available. Quests in Wonderland don’t follow the traditional mold of ‘kill 10 monster x and come back.’ Instead, quests are usually dynamic and involve interacting with the NPC or with other items. For example, one quest has you search town for a missing dog. Another involves defeating ‘hijackers’ who are harassing an old woman. Not all quests are necessary, but it’s important that new players complete them all since some of them add new members to your party. As I mentioned earlier, Wonderland Online handles combat in turn-based random encounters in the style of old school console RPGs. Random Encounters are fast-paced and the experience rate is paced well. The first few quests will have players explore a cave, then a forest. ┬áThe trouble isn’t the scenery, so much as the repetitive monster designs and general lack of difficulty. The first cave literally has four versions of the same golem, the only difference being their color. Things don’t get much better in the next zone where players will do battle with several differently colored mushrooms. Assuming you completed the appropriate early quests and acquired the first ‘pet’ (Roca the female warrior) you’ll be defeating random encounters in 1-2 turns while taking little damage. Even if you manage to die, you’ll respawn in the same location with 1 health.

8672  500x375 wonderland online raftin

Nostalgic Experience

If you’re willing to look past these faults, the combat in Wonderland offers a nostalgic experience for fans of classic console RPG from the 2D era. Even the game’s music sounds like it’s from a ’90s SNES RPG. Of course, this old-school graphic and gameplay style comes at a cost. Most gamers aren’t looking for 2D games with archaic combat. This puts Wonderland Online, and in fact all 2D turn-based games, into the ‘love it or hate it’ category. Those who enjoy this gameplay style are in for a treat since Wonderland has a great deal of content. The level cap is 200+, players have a notebook that tracks every monster they encounter and every quest they’ve completed which gives incentive to go out and explore. The game world is also fairly large for a 2D game, the geography resembles the real Oceania, there are islands shaped like Australia, New Zealand, and even areas called India, China, etc. Players can sail from one location to another which makes the ocean itself is a large explorable area.

8667  500x375 wonderland online player housing

Accessorize Your Tent!

Wonderland has a better player housing system than any free MMORPG I’ve played to date. Sure houses are instanced, but at least you can carry your house around with you and drop it anywhere you like. Once placed, the tent can be entered by you and the general public (unless you restrict access.) Now the tent only acts as a display, the inside is much larger and can be upgraded significantly. Upon entering the tent of a high level player in town, I was startled at just how much furniture is available in the game. I saw a piano which I could interact with, a vending machine which I could purchase items from, and an aquarium with fish swimming in it. The house even had a second floor which served as the owner’s work area. It turns out you can actually craft a lot of different furniture right from your work bench provided you have the right materials. Of course the most interesting furniture and most useful items (like potions that increase your exp rate) must be purchased from the cash shop.

Final Verdict: Good

Wonderland Online is a 2D game with turn-based combat and plenty of content. It’s not a game for everyone but those who don’t mind (or prefer) this gameplay style should definitely give Wonderland a try.


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System Requirements

Wonderland Online System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
CPU: P3~800MHz
RAM: 256MB
Graphics Card: 32MB

Recommended Specifications:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 2000
CPU: 2.0 GHz Pentium 4 or better
RAM: 512 MB
HDD: 2.0 GB Free
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce TI or Radeon 9200

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