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Rose Online is an anime styled 3D Fantasy MMORPG with bright, vibrant colors. Featuring traditional quests and storyline missions, a player-driven economy, end-game PvP focus, and even giant mechs you can pilot, ROSE Online is a player-driven adventure like no other.

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Publisher: Gravity
Playerbase: Medium
Graphics: Medium
EXP Rate: Medium
PvP: Yes – Arenas
Filesize: ~960MB

Pros: +Fast leveling. +Bright, pleasant graphics. +Large game world. +Players can drive karts and powerful mechs. +Equipment can be upgraded with gems. +PvP is frantic fun.

Cons:  -Grind based progression, -Power heavy item mall.

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Rose Online Overview

Rose Online is a brightly colored anime inspired MMORPG where players will mostly fight cute and humorous monsters. During the early levels players will beat on walking, talking Jelly Beans and even into the mid thirties will be fighting small woodland creatures. New players begin Rose Online as a special ‘visitor’ class but can change into one of four 1st jobs at level 10. At level 100 each class can apply for one of two 2nd job choices.

Explore seven different planets, and experience a player-driven adventure as quests and spawn rates are affected by player actions and alignment with the gods. ROSE Online also offers Open PVP, group-based training grounds, clan v. clan combat, and Faction Wars.

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Full Review

Rose Online Review 2014

Written by Remko Molenaar (Proxzor)


This week I went back to play a classic MMORPG, one that I grew up with and remember dearly as part of my childhood. I have never played this game for a long period of time, no this is not the reason why this game is so special to me. Back when ROSE Online was brought to life, it brought with itself a new era of MMORPGs. It had its own quirky visual appeal that was both higher quality than the competition, all the while setting out on its own style rather than being just another copy cat. So how did the trip back to nostalgia fare me? Keep on reading to find out if ROSE Online has aged well!

First sight upon returning back into this game gave me the nostalgic chills that I experienced way back when I first touched this game. The town folk stood waiting in front of me as the sound of ninja beans jumped in the distance. It felt good to be back. It didn’t take me long to get back in the Rose Online combat groove while beating up some of these bean ninjas. The attack animations reminded me of so many memories. Before I knew it I hit a level up from grinding, and excitedly looked over the options for character building. When you level up in ROSE Online you get to pick your stat points. Unlike most modern themepark rides, Rose gives you the freedom to level up manually to adjust your progression to your liking. This way you can choose to become a little tankier, or to become a feared damage dealer anyone would want in his party.


For those thinking Rose looks generic now, it should be stated that it was among the fore-runners of the F2P roaming anime MMORPG. In general the game really goes for the typical Asian style with cute faces, wild hair, and cute yet functional outfits. The monsters in ROSE Online only act to further push the cute limits of the game. From ninja beans to walking fish, there are all sorts of crazy combinations that shows you that this game’s creative direction is one of a kind.

The world of ROSE itself is also very beautiful; there are a ton of different environments and I myself have wandered around looking at the landscape rather than following my quests just to enjoy the view. All of these weird looking monsters you might find while wondering will vary in strength, but a helpful color coded monster level will give you warning of what to keep your distance from. The darker the color, the stronger the monster you are facing is, and the lighter it is, the weaker it is compared to you. There are many ways to level in ROSE Online, but most people prefer to follow the quests while grinding out the excess exp in the local quest areas. You can also do this together with your friends through a party, which can hyperdrive your experience gain by knocking out quests in a flash.


Every new player starts out as the beginner class. This class doesn’t know a lot of skills and is mostly there to ease inexperienced MMO players into the mechanics of the game. Once you have reached level ten you are able to choose between the four branches of classes. The options are Soldier, Muse, Hawken, and Dealer. The Soldiers prefer the way of the sword, the Muse use magical spells for their attacks and heals, the Hawken have a couple of tools that they can use like bows and claws, and the Dealers prefer the use of guns. Each one of these classes also branch off into other classes that you are able to upgrade to later into the game. Make sure to do some research before blindly leveling up as each class garners different results from different stat boosts, so you’ll want to know your chosen path’s strengths.

Rose Online has aged well, and its unique art style and quirky humor are primary factors in this transition. A player unfamiliar with Rose would never guess it has been available since 2005. There’s plenty of epic looking equipment to deck your character out with, so gamers that prefer the Asian MMO setting for its customization will easily find gear to set themselves apart from the crowd. There are seven planets in ROSE Online that you can travel to, and each one of these planets received equally beautiful treatment of their landscape designs.


Unfortunately there are greater powers on all the other planets. You start as a simple ‘Visitor’ on the first planet of Rose Online. The god of malice, Hebarn, took over the seventh planet and renamed it after himself. Your goddess Arua has summoned all Visitors to Junon, the first planet of these seven planets, to prepare a counter assault against him. This backstory sets up the grind to end-game as your character slowly advances in preparation for Hebarn’s confrontation.

Since Rose Online is a free to play game, the game has its own Item Mall to buy all sorts of different items with real money. If you have some money to spare you can find yourself equipment like weapons and other useful gear or even mounts/car parts. One surprising piece of the shop are purchasable skills to make your character stronger.



Conclusion: Great

I will say it once more, because I feel that I have to give credit towards it. Rose Online has aged extremely well, both in gameplay and graphics. Coming back to Rose Online gave me a mixed feelings, both good and bad. I still remember the game to be as awesome as back in the day, but I unfortunately also saw what was wrong with it once again. The item mall includes items that could definitely help people out that have cash to spare. Now I myself do not really care much about that, but I can agree that people that do not have anything to spend could feel a bit overwhelmed by the power gap. Outside of its archaic cash shop though is the awesome game that I remember, both beautiful and packing solid gameplay with smooth combat. The additions over the years such as more dungeons and PvP make Rose still stand out as one of the best titles in its genre almost a decade later.


Previous Review:


Rose Online Review

by: Erhan Altay

Released back in 2005 as a pay to play MMORPG, Rose Online has had a troubled history. The original developer, Triggersoft, went bankrupt in 2007 and the game is now being both published and developed by Gravity, the same company behind the mega hit Ragnarok Online and the more recent Requiem: Bloodymare. Luckily for us, the game has gone through a large update and has been reintroduced under the free to play model with the title Rose Online Evolution.

Humble Beginnings

The moment you launch Rose Online for the first time you’ll be greeted by the game’s upbeat, colorful graphics. Even the character selection screen, a comfortable looking tree house, is pleasant to the eye. Character creation isn’t as in depth as I would of expected from a 3D game but the few options you do have for hair and face style allow some pretty interesting combination, just check out my character in the screenshots below. New players do not select a class right away, Rose Online takes the same approach to classes as Gravity’s other anime styled game; Ragnarok Online. Players start as ‘visitors’ in a newbie friendly village where pop ups and optional quests are available to teach the game’s basics. Quest giving NPCs are clearly marked by giant scroll icons above their name but players will have to navigate through several dialogue boxes before actually receiving a quest.

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I Have to Kill What?

If the cutesy graphics leading up the first kill quest didn’t give it away than your first encounter with monsters certainly will; the enemies you’ll be fighting in Rose Online are far from the cliche orcs, zombies, and dragons. Instead, your first opponents are walked Jelly Beans. Even at higher levels the monsters don’t get much more menacing. Little raccoons with spears, piglets, and bumble bees are the standard fare. Movement in Rose Online is handled through point and click as is combat. Special skills are used by hitting the number you assign them to. Visitors don’t have much in the way of skill choice but start with a double attack move that makes hunting easier. The experience rate in Rose Online is very high, especially during the early levels but don’t worry about maxing out any time soon – the level cap is currently 210. The only thing I found frustrating about Rose Online’s early game was trouble finding the class change NPC after hitting level 10. If you bother to read what the NPCs say you might not have this problem but in any case, just asking in general chat will get you the directions you need.

Your First Promotion

Upon arriving to the first major town, be sure to seek out the appropriate trainer depending on which of the four classes you wish to become. The options are; Hawker, Muse, Soldier, and Dealer. For a more detailed explanation of these classes please see the overview tab. You may of noticed that upon leveling up your character receives stat points which can be distributed among 6 stats; Str, Dex, Int, Con, Cha, and Sen. The amount of stat points received increases with level but so does the amount required to increase individual stats. It’s important to allocate these points correctly based on what first and second class choices you plan to make. Luckily, Rose Online provides one free stat reset to players under level 40 so don’t be too afraid of messing up your character early on. After picking your first job, you’ll notice Rose Online has a nicely organized skill tree with at least two specializations per class. Hawkers can specialize in either bows or daggers, soldiers can specialize in offense or defense and so on. As far as I can tell there is no skill reset option so be sure to specialize in one of these branches and think before using your skill points.

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Now Go Grind!

Rose Online does have some quests and more are being planned but for the most part Rose was not designed as a quest driven game. Be prepared to camp in one spot for up to a dozen levels before moving on to the next area. Luckily the grind does not need to be done alone. Parting in Rose is encouraged through an experience reward system. Players in a party receive a 2% experience per Party Level which is increased by the number of players and how long they’ve been hunting. The second job change doesn’t happen until level 100 but starting at level 50 players can obtain a driving license. Small karts which come in a variety of models serve as mounts in Rose Online and you’ll likely see players driving them around while grinding. Players can also ride another type of vehicle; a ‘Castle Gear’ which is a large mech used for combat rather than transport.

Proceed with Caution

Rose Online may appear to be a bright and optimistic game and it certainly has plenty to keep players hooked but I recommend you think twice before deciding to invest a lot of time into it. The recent switch to the free to play model was made out of desperation, the game’s population had been in steep decline even before the developers went bust. The title ROSE is actually an acronym for ‘Rush On Seven Episodes’ but as of this writing only 3 of the game’s seven planets have been developed. The North America service only has one server and the areas outside the main cities are lightly populated. If the game’s style appeals to you, give it a try and be ready to support it.

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Final Verdict: Good

Despite its age, Rose Online has great graphics and plenty of content to keep players interested. Fast leveling and simple gameplay give Rose good pacing. Hopefully Rose Online finds success as a free to play MMORPG.


Rose Online Screenshots


Rose Online Videos

Rose Online Gameplay Video


Rose Online Gameplay Trailer


Rose Online Character Creation


Rose Online Beginner Video


Rose Online Cinematic Trailer


System Requirements

Rose Online System Requirements

Minimum Requirements
OS: Windows XP / Vista
CPU: Pentium III 800 MHz
RAM: 128MB
Free Space:  1.0 GB
Graphic Card: GeForce2 MX 400 / Radeon 7000 or higher
Direct X: Direct X 9.0c

Recommended Requirements
OS: Windows XP / Vista
CPU: Pentium III 1 GHz or higher
RAM: 256 MB or greater
Free Space: 2.0 GB
Graphics Geforce3 Ti 200 or higher
Direct X: DirectX 9.0c

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